Castanet 2022 DOUBLE GOLD

The 2022 Castanet from the Texas High Plains is a dry rosé wine that entices with aromas of dried tropical fruit, white flowers and green strawberry. On the palate, the wine offers a delightful combination of flavors. Cherry contributes a sweet and juicy element, while grapefruit adds a refreshing tang. Almonds lend a subtle nuttiness that complements the fruit character. The Castanet's dryness and balanced acidity create a crisp and invigorating mouthfeel, leading to a lingering finish. 95 Points Double Gold - 2023 Experience Rose Wine Competition

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Dried tropical fruit, White Flowers, Green Strawberry Tasting Notes: Cherry, Grapefruit, Almond Cake

Production Notes

282 cases produced

ph Level




Residual Sugar